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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

54. Prolegomenon | Learn One Word Each Day

letters ~ 12 | syllables ~ 5
scrabble score ~ 17

🅽 Preliminary discussion inserted at the beginning of a word or treatise.
Wolfram Alpha

Prolegomenon generally precede scholarly works. 


🅽  prefatory remarks; specifically : a formal essay or critical discussion serving to introduce and interpret an extended work.

Etymology of Prolegomenon:
1650s, "learned preamble to a book," from Greek prolegomenon, noun use of neuter passive present participle of prolegein "to say beforehand," from pro "before" (see pro-) + legein "to speak" (see lecture (n.)) + suffix -menos (as in alumnus). The same sense is in preface (n.). Related: Prolegomenary; prolegomenousEtymonline

Blogger's Note:

Prolegomenon comes to this author's attention as it relates to two similar terms: prologue and preface. The differences between each regards the different works which they precede.

  • Prolegomena are discussions which preface scholarly works. 
  • Prologues are remarks introducing literary or musical pieces.
  • Preambles relate to Legal statements or documents, such as the Constitution.
  • Finally a Preface is the introduction to a book.
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