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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

52. Diaspora

letters ~ 8 | syllables ~ 4
scrabble score ~ 11

🅽 The body of Jews (or jewish communities) outside Palestine or modern day Israel.
🅽 The dispersion or spreading of something that was initially localized (as in people, language, or culture).
Wolfram Alpha

An ancient map of the globe.


🅽  The movement, separation, or scattering of people from an ancestral homeland.
🅽 People settled far from Ancestral Homelands.

Etymology of Diaspora:
1876, from Greek diaspora “dispersion,” from diaspeirein “to scatter about, disperse,” from dia- “about, across” (see dia-) + speirein “to scatter” (see sprout). The Greek word was used in Septuagint in Deuteronomy xxviii.25. A Hebrew word for it is galuth “exile.” Related: Diasporic.

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