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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

57. Phenom | Learn One Word Today

{Letters ~ 6 l Syllables ~ 2}
{Scrabble score▪13}

🅽  something that happens or exists in society, science, or nature, especially something that is studied because it is difficult to understand.
🅽   something or someone that is very unusual because of a rare quality or ability that they have.

Phenom, a rare and special occurence.


🅽  a person of phenomenal ability or promise. a person who is very good at something, generally referring to sport

Etymology of 'Phenom':
phenom (n.)  shortened form of phenomenon, U.S. baseball slang, first recorded 1890.
phenomenon (n.) 1570s, "fact, occurrence," from Late Latin phænomenon, from Greek phainomenon "that which appears or is seen," noun use of neuter present participle of phainesthai "to appear," passive of phainein (see phantasm). Meaning "extraordinary occurrence" first recorded 1771. Plural is phenomena.

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