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Thursday, March 16, 2017

55. Cognoscenti | Learn One Word Today

{Letters ~ 11 l Syllables ~ 4}
{Scrabble score▪16}

🅽  An expert able to appreciate the field. Especially in the fine arts. 
Wolfram Alpha

The Cognoscenti, or those "who know."


🅽  a person who has expert knowledge in a subject : connoisseur. "a computer cognoscente,"
" a cognoscente of the art world."

Etymology of 'Cognoscenti':

'Connoisseur," 1778, from Italian cognoscente, Latinized from conoscente "connoisseur," literally "knowing man," from Latin cognoscentum (nominative cognoscens), present participle of cognoscere "to get to know, recognize" (see cognizance).

cognoscenti (n.)
plural of cognoscente (q.v.);

Blogger's Note:

While reviewing a PowerPoint presentation on deep search principles in HR, this blogger was introduced to "the cognoscenti." I quite immediately grasped the meaning of this conjunctive term whose root derived from the Greek or PIE 'gno.' Our language owes a great deal of words  to that ancient base, which roughly translates to 'knowledge.' Being a seeker of the 'gno' myself, I thought I had fully apprehended all of its derivatives, from 'Gnosis', to 'agnostic' and even the 'cognos' whose extensive range includes 'recognizance,' and 'cognition.'

So I was surprised to not have yet encountered such a wonderful play on the term.  The author who used it, I felt did so in an appropriate way, which can be difficult for such a little-used term.

The presentation: The 5 levels of Talent Mining from SourceCon 2010 is from a Search Engine Blog which does a good job in educating the public about ways to advance their online research and I do highly recommend it if you have the time.
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